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Module 1a-Metabolic Health:Nutritional&Herbal Considerations
This Module gives a research based approach to cardio metabolic health management. The module details insulin resistance, cardiovascular health, weight management and nervous system function.
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Module 1b-Metabolic Health: White Label Prescribing Guide
Learn more about the use of synergistic nutritional and herbal formulations for the management of metabolic health conditions. Nutrient-combining, dosing and contraindications are covered in this module.
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IsoWhey® Sports
IsoWhey® Sports evolved from the passion that IsoWhey has for research-based sports nutrition supplementation. IsoWhey® Sports provides superior products and ingredients for optimal performance nutrition.
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Colgate - Introduction to Oral Health
Learn how Colgate's comprehensive range comprised, of the brands you know and trust, includes products to specifically help prevent and treat the most common dental problems.
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QCPP Hydrozole®
This QCPP module discusses a range of items associated with common types of fungal skin infections including the symptoms and causes of different types of fungal skin infections causes, how to prevent them and the treatment benefits associated with Hydrozole®.
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Omron Soothing & Drug Free Pain Relief Using TENS
Omron TENS devices are designed to ease muscular and nerve pain. These devices have been created with simplicity in mind, ensuring outstanding functionality and performance.
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Thermoskin - A Complete Range of Supports & Braces
Learn how to provide your customers with practical injury prevention and injury management advice and be able to confidently recommend the right Thermoskin product.
This module introduces you to the Physiogel® skin care range. Information in this module will help you to support your customers who have dry sensitive skin and are actively seeking healthier looking skin.