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Explore Ellura™ by Flordis, a clinically proven cranberry medicine for helping maintain urinary tract health. Learn about PACs in cranberries & how Ellura™ can help reduce the frequency of recurrent cystitis.
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Salin Plus - Dry Salt Therapy System 2nd Edition
Learn about the health benefits of Salt Therapy, and how Salin Plus provides safe and effective symptom relief for congestion, cough, snoring and more!
B. Inviting Patients to MedAdvisor
Learn how to introduce patients to MedAdvisor quickly and easily, with a compelling introduction while dispensing.
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NIVEA Daily Essentials Range
Learn how HYDRA IQ in the NIVEA Daily Essential product range helps to promote efficient hydration to the skin. These colour coded and affordable products will assist your customers address their particular skin care needs.
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Elastoplast Sport
Prevention is better than cure! Learn how and when to use Elastoplast Sport strapping and taping to help prevent sports injuries before, during and after exercise.
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Heat & Headache Webinar
This education module provides information on the pathophysiology of dehydration; the link between heat, headaches and dehydration; treatment methods and how to provide counseling on heat, headaches and dehydration.
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Ethical Nutrients Inner Health for Overall Health 2nd Ed
Learn how to confidently recommend Inner Health Plus and the application of other Ethical Nutrients probiotic strains to your customers.
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Thompson's Health Management Range
Learn how the Thompson's Health Management Range brings to life the natural health benefits of plant extracts, minerals and herbs.
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