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Painmaster: Drug Free Pain Management
Learn how to provide practical pain management advice and simple tips for getting the best results from Painmaster for customers seeking drug free relief.
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An Introduction to Cabot Health LivaTone Supplements
Learn more about the vital role of the liver in health and wellbeing, as well as the common symptoms of liver dysfunction. Find out which LivaTone formula you should recommend for liver support.
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Harmony Natural Women's Health
Learn about women's health and how balancing your hormones and supporting your liver and adrenals with Harmony's multi-herb formulas may boost energy, and promote healthy skin and positive moods.
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QCPP Hydrozole®
This QCPP module discusses a range of items associated with common types of fungal skin infections including the symptoms and causes of different types of fungal skin infections causes, how to prevent them and the treatment benefits associated with Hydrozole®.
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Salin Plus - Dry Salt Therapy System 2nd Edition
Learn about the health benefits of Salt Therapy, and how Salin Plus provides safe and effective symptom relief for congestion, cough, snoring and more!
C. Using the MedAdvisor Pharmacy Console
This module explains how to use the MedAdvisor Pharmacy Console to setup and manage patient accounts in MedAdvisor. (For Dispensary Staff Only).
Thermoskin - A Complete Range of Supports & Braces
Learn how to provide your customers with practical injury prevention and injury management advice and be able to confidently recommend the right Thermoskin product.
Silicea Original Body Essentials - 3rd Edition
Learn about the benefits of taking Silicea for Skin, Hair and Nails and the differences between Silicea and other products. And now introducing Silicea ULTRA One a Day Soft and Silicea Silica Advance Capsules.