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NIVEA Deodorant Stress Protect Range
Learn how the NIVEA Deodorant Stress Protect Range combats odour whilst providing 48 hour protection from normal sweat and stress sweat.
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Omron Soothing & Drug Free Pain Relief Using TENS
Omron TENS devices are designed to ease muscular and nerve pain. These devices have been created with simplicity in mind, ensuring outstanding functionality and performance.
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Explore Ellura™ by Flordis, a clinically proven cranberry medicine for helping maintain urinary tract health. Learn about PACs in cranberries & how Ellura™ can help reduce the frequency of recurrent cystitis.
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Omron Blood Pressure Management
Omron are world leaders in home healthcare devices. This latest training module will enable you to learn more about Omron's blood pressure monitoring products.
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Salin Plus - Dry Salt Therapy System 2nd Edition
Learn about the health benefits of Salt Therapy, and how Salin Plus provides safe and effective symptom relief for congestion, cough, snoring and more!
QCPP Hydrozole®
This QCPP module discusses a range of items associated with common types of fungal skin infections including the symptoms and causes of different types of fungal skin infections causes, how to prevent them and the treatment benefits associated with Hydrozole®.
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Ethical Nutrients Inner Health for Overall Health 2nd Ed
Learn how to confidently recommend Inner Health Plus and the application of other Ethical Nutrients probiotic strains to your customers.
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Hydralyte Dehydration & Travel
Traveller's diarrhoea will affect one in four travellers. Learn why Hydralyte is a must in every customers' travel kit.
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