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Legalon® 2nd Edition
Learn how Legalon® supports liver health relieving symptoms of nausea, uncomfortable fullness and fatigue due to a liver under stress.
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Silicea Original Body Essentials - 3rd Edition
Learn about the benefits of taking Silicea for Skin, Hair and Nails and the differences between Silicea and other products. And now introducing Silicea ULTRA One a Day Soft and Silicea Silica Advance Capsules.
QCPP Hydrozole®
This QCPP module discusses a range of items associated with common types of fungal skin infections including the symptoms and causes of different types of fungal skin infections causes, how to prevent them and the treatment benefits associated with Hydrozole®.
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Hydralyte Vomiting, Diarrhoea & Dehydration
This revised interactive module will assist you to advise customers on the best treatment for managing vomiting, diarrhoea and dehydration.
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IsoWhey® Product Range
Learn more about the IsoWhey® range, which has been developed for health-conscious people who are looking to lead a healthier lifestyle and manage their weight.
Sinupret Forte® 2nd Edition
Learn how Sinupret Forte® helps relieve the symptoms of sinusitis in this revised and improved module. Sinupret Forte's® three-way action helps unblock sinuses, relieve sinus pain and clear the head of congestion.
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Ethical Nutrients Immune Health 2nd Edition
In this revised module you will learn about how to support your customers immune system long term, including products to recommend for rapid symptom relief.
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Elastoplast Wound Care
Elastoplast's extensive range of quality specialist wound care and blister products heal, protect and care for the skin. The anti-bacterial wound care range helps reduce the risk of infection.
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A. What is MedAdvisor?
Pharmacist Phil explains what the MedAdvisor service can offer your patients and how that helps grow your pharmacy's business.
Omron Blood Pressure Management
Omron are world leaders in home healthcare devices. This latest training module will enable you to learn more about Omron's blood pressure monitoring products.
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