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NIVEA Sun provides effective protection from the harmful rays of the sun. Suitable for all skin types, you'll find a solution for toddlers through to adults! No matter what the occasion.
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Omron Fever Measurement and Treatment
Omron are world leaders in home healthcare devices. This training module discusses the use of Omron Ear, touchless forehead and digital thermometers in monitoring fever in adults, children and babies.
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Elastoplast Wound Care
Elastoplast's extensive range of quality specialist wound care and blister products heal, protect and care for the skin. The anti-bacterial wound care range helps reduce the risk of infection.
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Ethical Nutrients Inner Health for Overall Health 2nd Ed
Learn how to confidently recommend Inner Health Plus and the application of other Ethical Nutrients probiotic strains to your customers.
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Learn about NIVEA's range of Body products with Q10, Hydra IQ, sea minerals, almond oils and shea butter. Find out about an innovative, unique and convenient way to moisturise – with NIVEA's In-Shower Body Lotion.
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QCPP Hydrozole®
This QCPP module discusses a range of items associated with common types of fungal skin infections including the symptoms and causes of different types of fungal skin infections causes, how to prevent them and the treatment benefits associated with Hydrozole®.
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Hydralyte Sports - 2nd Edition
This module outlines how Hydralyte Sports - a clinical re-hydration solution, can optimise physical performance by quickly replacing lost electrolytes and help preserve healthy body functions more effectively than sugary drinks.
3 million Australians suffer from rhinosinusitis (RS) and are currently unsatisfied in seeking an efficient treatment. Learn how Nasodren® relieves RS symptoms from the first dose.
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