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Pregnancy Tests and Supplements
Pregnancy tests sold in pharmacy have very high accuracy rates (over 99% if instructions are followed). Learn how to give the right advice and ask the right questions.
Wagner Triple Strength Omega 3
Learn how Wagner Triple Strength Omega 3 may help temporarily relieve arthritic pain, maintain healthy eye, heart & brain function and relieve symptoms of eczema.
For the relief of mild anxiety, stress, nervous tension and irritability. It contains the exact St. John's wort, proven effective in published clinical trials.
Silicea Original Body Essentials - 2nd Edition
By popular demand this module has been extended to all iTherapeutics members. Learn in this updated module about the benefits of taking Silicea for Skin, Hair and Nails and the differences between Silicea and other products.
NAN Infant Formulas and Toddler Milks
With over 140 years of infant nutrition research and development, Nestlé NAN infant formulas, specialty formulas and toddler milks have been specifically designed with formula-fed-infants and toddler needs in mind. Learn more today.
Dynamiclear Rapid:World 1st One-Application Cold Sore Remedy
Dynamiclear Rapid is a world-first ONE-APPLICATION naturally derived treatment for Cold Sores. Clinical Trials has shown rapid symptomatic relief in just 24, 48 & 72hrs.
Premular® - 2nd Edition
Learn how Premular® (special extract of Vitex agnus-castus) is clinically proven to relieve Premenstrual Syndrome including the symptoms of irritability, anger, headache, bloating and breast fullness.
Hydralyte Travel - 2nd Edition
Traveller's diarrhoea will affect one in four travellers. Learn why Hydralyte is a must in every customers' travel kit.
Multi-Nutrient Metabolic Packs: Sym-Pack V and Para-Pack V
These two advanced multi-vitamin and mineral formulations focuses on supplementing with either stimulating or calming nutrients to better support individual nutritional requirements. This module describes how to distinguish b...
Sinupret Forte®
Learn how Sinupret Forte® helps relieve the symptoms of sinusitis. Sinupret Forte's® three-way action helps unblock sinuses, relieve sinus pain and clear the head.