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21 Oct, 2016

88% of consumers rate NIVEA 4-In-1 Body Oil 4/5

In a survey commissioned by Beauty Crew NIVEA 4 in 1 Firming Body Oil was sent to women aged between 40 and 64 who have been concerned with skin dryness, a loss ...

21 Oct, 2016

Clinical Tips: Hayfever

Allergies and seasonal rhinitis are not just a minor condition that can be easily dismissed, writes Karalyn Huxhagen Spring is fast becoming summer a ...

20 Oct, 2016

Cochrane backs probiotics for kids on antibiotics

Cochrane backs probiotics for kids on antibiotics Young children prescribed antibiotics should be given probiotics as a matter of course, research suggests. A ...

20 Oct, 2016

Acupuncture Helps Bladder Control, Stops Leakage

The Healthcare Medicine Institute reports that acupuncture can be effective for the treatment of urinary incontinence. “In a Heilongjiang University of C ...

14 Oct, 2016

12% of Aussies buy sunscreen

According to Cancer Council, only 12% of Australians are buying sunscreen and despite Australia being exposed to some of the highest UV levels, and having some ...

11 Oct, 2016

Pharmacy deals with conflicts transparently: Tambassis

Guild national president George Tambassis defends the sale of complementary medicines and other retail products in pharmacy. On Wednesday, Tambassis appeared a ...

10 Oct, 2016

MedAdvisor Links with OA

Digital medication adherence company MedAdvisor has announced a new partnership with national not-for-profit health association Os ...

07 Oct, 2016

Dealing with dry eyes

The questions you should ask to help diagnose and treat this common condition Dry eyes may sound like a minor issue but for some it can be agonising and persis ...

07 Oct, 2016

10 Ways to Help You Sleep Better

It's important to set aside enough time to get adequate sleep each night.   Make the right amount of sleep a priority.  It's important to set aside ...

06 Oct, 2016

Breast cancer could be detected by blood test, researchers say

Breast cancer could soon be detected by a simple blood test, according to a team of scientists working to find easier ways to detect the deadly disease. Scient ...

06 Oct, 2016

Caution required for biosimilars

While they present a cost-saving opportunity, safety data on biosimilars is still limited, warns IBD specialist There is an absence of data on adverse rea ...

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