Lost your mojo? Need a kickstart?

How are you? Bored, dull, depressed, lonely, tired, angry, stressed, struggling, or simply ‘’I lost my mojo!’’? You are not alone, the you-know-what circumstances of 2020 has seriously eroded our mojo - aka our personal magic, charisma, certain appeal, sex appeal, self-confidence, sparkle, the twinkle in your eyes etc.

Want your mojo back? SkinB5 has put together a simple recipe that focuses on ingredients that help with energy, mood and glow boosting nutrients –



- 1 tsp Matcha Powder

- 5g SkinB5 Superfood Booster

- 1 tbsp vanilla creamer (or coconut milk with 1/2-1 tsp of honey)

Directions: In a blender cup, add in matcha, superfood booster and vanilla creamer then add 1/4 warm to hot water. Using a matcha bamboo whisk, whisk powders together until you get a deep green colour. Then add in more water until 3/4 full. Using a nutribullet or blender, blend ingredients together. Then enjoy! If you want a cooler version, use cooler water instead, and add an ice cube if preferred.

Source: Pharmacy Daily, September 7 2020,


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