Whats the Risk of Getting Coronavirus from Touching Surfaces?

Are you more likely to catch coronavirus from surfaces or from droplets in the air?

What we know about airborne transmission of coronavirus has evolved significantly since the start of the pandemic.

The WHO recently ramped up its advice on aerosol spread.

But what about surfaces?

Is surface contact a cause of community transmission?

How should you handle items that come from hotspots?

How long can the virus survive in a fridge or freezer?

Like flu and SARS, research tells us coronavirus is most likely spread by the direct transmission of respiratory droplets from someone coughing or speaking towards you, says Mary-Louise McLaws, epidemiologist and advisor to the World Health Organisation (WHO).  Surface transmission is considered a less common mode of spread, according to the WHO.

So what is the risk of getting infrected from surfaces?

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Source:, viewed 11 August 2020.