New Book Release: When Good Comes Out of a Global Pandemic

With hundreds of thousands of lives taken during the 2020 pandemic and signs of the devastating virus mutating and accelerating, the focus is firmly the on protection of lives. Sydney-based 6AM and Igloo integrated creative communications agency CEO and author, Gillian Fish believes that with all that bad, comes some good too.

The 199-page book, Resilience: Body. Mind. Soul -  Wellbeing Learnings from a Pandemic, launched recently via Amazon (Kindle & Print-on-Demand), delivering deep insights into the opinions and philosophies of 21 health and environment leaders from around the USA, Europe and Australia, who each reveal intimate insights, learnings and observations of human behaviour from this time.

“As human beings, we are often much stronger than we credit ourselves for, and if we can dig deep, find that hope, we can always lean into possibility if we try”, says Ms Fish, who praises healthcare workers on the front line for standing between ordinary citizens of the world and the deadly virus.

From the importance of discovering our Why? to unlocking the power of immunity through good sleep habits and nutrition, as well as insights into our fear of dying, the book which is written in an easy-to-read question and answer format, has been designed to inspire the reader to take the positives from this rare global crisis in order to lead more meaningful lives – for both people and planet.

This is the second book written by Ms Fish, who released her first book Good + Well: 25 World Experts Share their Secrets to Wellbeing (2017), which shared some of the world’s leading insights into health and wellbeing.

The first three chapters of this book are available for free, click here to begin reading.


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