Asthma Flu Push

Pharmacists are being urged to encourage asthma patients to get the influenza vaccination this year, amid concerns of their potential risk from the COVID-19 pandemic.  National Asthma Council CEO, Siobhan Brophy, said the profession had a key role in supporting patients in the coming months.

“Receiving a vaccination in April, ahead of the peak influenza period, will help protect your patients’ health,” she said.  “Pharmacists can help by  identifying and assisting people with asthma who might not otherwise go to their doctor and checking their asthma control and device technique.”

Brophy’s advice came as Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) Chair, Dr Charlotte Hespe, urged pharmacists to refer patients with respiratory conditions, and those in other at risk groups, to their GP to receive the flu vaccine this year.

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Source:, viewed 3 April 2020


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