Locums Name Price as Shortages Hit

Demand for pharmacists is on the rise as pharmacy owners struggle to fill roles, while locums are now able to set their rates, a pharmacy recruiter says.  Data produced by jobs site,, found the number of pharmacist job ads surged by 180% in 2019, while Business Insider Australia reported workers in the health sector saw average pay rises of 3.2% - compared with increases of 2.2% in other sectors.

LocumCo Director, Sue Muller, advised, the industry had seen a significant rise in demand for pharmacists.  “I have seen a large increase in job listings due to the national shortage of pharmacists,” she said.  “The impact of the shortage is that hourly rates will rise.  I had a call from a locum the other day to say his rate was $70/hour.  He said the ball has been in the court of the owners for too long and now it is in the court of the locums.”

Raven’s Recruitment General Manager, Heidi Dariz, noted pharmacies across the country have been experiencing staffing issues.  “The shortages are particularly more acute in more regional areas, although we are now seeing shortages in urban areas for pharmacists,” she said.  “The shortages are most notable throughout community pharmacy, we find that we have very little trouble filling hospital roles.”

The report found job ads for pharmacy assistant roles also soared in 2019, jumping 170%.

Source:, Friday 7 Feb 2020