Health Star Rating system shake-up proposes penalising cereals that contain added sugars

Sugary cereals like Nutri-Grain and Milo would be the biggest losers in a shake-up to the Federal Government's Health Star Rating system, proposed by the nation's largest consumer advocacy group.

When it applied the alternative algorithm to more than a dozen products, it found the Health Star Ratings of cereals like Nutri-Grain, Uncle Toby's Plus Protein and Milo dropped from four out of five stars to just one-and-a-half stars.

Key points:

  • The Health Star Rating system gives packaged and processed foods a rating of up to five stars
  • The rating takes into account the "positive nutrients" and "risk nutrients" foods comprise
  • Currently, only 30 per cent of food products in Australia have Health Star Ratings
  • CHOICE wants the algorithm used to score food products changed, to penalise "added sugars" that are not naturally found in foods.

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Source:, viewed 28 June 2019