IMgateway into AusDI

Medical Director has integrated the IMgateway herb-drug interaction module into its AusDI medicines information database.

IMgateway was first launched to Australian practitioners more than 20 years ago, and contains information on herbs, supplements, drugs and medical conditions retrieved from over 700 journals.

The interactions database covers over 1,000 combinations of herbs, supplements, foods and drugs, and was developed in partnership with the School of Pharmacy at the University of Sydney.

IMgateway is integrated via an API into AusDI and can be accessed via a dedicated tab in the side bar menu of the application.

It’s available to purchase as an additional module for all new and existing AusDI customers.

The database has remained commercially unbiased since its inception, with the IMgateway editorial board receiving zero financial support from any pharmaceutical or complementary medicine manufacturers.

Using the new AusDI module helps support the Pharmacy Board of Australia requirements for mandatory reference sources, under the category requiring “an evidence-based reference work on complementary and alternative medicines”.

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Source:, Friday 10 May 2019